aries spires – the music of jennifer mercede

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Song #15

A couple weekends ago I stayed and sang on some land in Southern Oregon.
Deadwood to be exact.

On the land lived several frogs in a little pond, lily pads and all.
Every time one of them would start singing, they’d all crack up and go croakin’ crazy.

They had me curious.

When I went to visit with them, I couldn’t see any frogs at all.
I kept looking and eventually they came into focus. One by one, I saw another frog emerge out of the camouflage of water & grass. They weren’t moving into my sight, my sight was adjusting…like when you look at one of those Stereograms and make an image pop out by relaxing your eyes…

There they were, these frogs, just sitting there, chillin’ on a piece of grass.

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Song #14

This past weekend I taught a class at the Makerie artist retreat in Boulder, CO. 
It was a lovely time had by all and this song is inspired by that sweet happening.

Photo by Teryn Wilkes

nts:   favorite G & C