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two songs this week! woo-hoo

Week 7 Bonus track:

Thanks to Nico Kwiatkowski for the electronic Raga-like loop ūüôā

more info on the bonus track:

Last month I participated in an awesome event called Fun-A-Day, put on by my friend Andy Furgeson. I chose to write a poem a day for the month of January. (It was so cool!)

Through this project I met Nico Kwiatkowski.. whom for his project did 31 brief sound bites which he made into loops. I thought they were interesting/fun/funky and asked if I could get copies of them for inspiration & possible collaboration. He generously said yes!

This one, the instant I heard it, I was brought into Raga singing mode (i’m taking a Raga/ traditional Indian singing class). Raga is created with a beautiful natural instrument called the tamboura. It is by no means electronic, which is one reason I love raga-provising on top of this electronic drone of a sound.

Thanks NICO!!

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Song #5

I’m taking some African drumming classes with Caton Lyles. While I’ve had a drum for years and love to jam away on it, I’ve never actually taken a class before.¬†Its inspiring to go into Rhythm Traders and be surrounded by people who also like to make beats¬†& to¬†play with all the percussion toys!

I’m learning to hold a beat and keep it going while another is happening.
Its good for da brain!!

This is one of the rhythms that lives within me. ¬†I’m workin’ on it.

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Song #4

After passing an Ole Ole restaurant in Portland, ¬† ‘Ol√© Ol√©, Ol√© Ol√© … ‘entered my mind.
I think its a sports chant?  Maybe a commercial for a hot sauce?  Anyone know?

The melody starts from a slowed down version of that!