aries spires – the music of jennifer mercede

A Song a Week for a Year

Hi! I’m Jennifer Mercede.  I love to make art & I love to make music.

I’ve painted hundreds of paintings in the last few years. Many of them are created in the middle of the night, induced by the deadline of an upcoming show. Like it or not, I thrive on the threat of the last minute.  I believe that the creation of my music can also benefit from this type of heat so I’m turning it up.


This blog is a documentation of that process & an opportunity for you to peek into my exploration of sound creation. My weekly update iSONGS, will be a variety of music. Some finished, most not.  Dabblings & doodlings in drumming, vocal work, harmonies, guitar, keyboarding, collaborations, Raga, remakes, etc.  Enjoy the raw snippets of music making: voice out of tune, a bit off beat, and all in all just fuzzy around the edges.  But none the less, FUN!

At this point I have no other rules than to create one song per week with the intention to improve & have fun.
(Rules may later be added.)

Click to hear some previous Aries Spires music.    XOXO

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